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Corporate Consultation

The corporate image is the way a company is perceived, it is the image of what the company represents, the first impression that the public will have of us. In order for it to function and help gain public confidence, it must have basic requirements: it must reflect the values ​​of our company, and our personality must be communicated in our image.

Imagine that you enter a company where the reception staff are each dressed, combed and made up in a different way. What does that convey to you? Seriousness and trust? Or unconcern and informality? If you have not thought about it, start to do it and see what it feels like to have each one with his own personal style and not with that of the company.

Therefore, for people who have direct contact with the customer, in reception, customer service, sales, etc., it is essential to have a uniform established by the company, and when I say this I include the design of uniforms, hairstyle , Make-up and accessories allowed, which are a visible part of the whole.

I study how to convey the values ​​of the company visibly, through the image of its collaborators.

There are many ways to train employees to understand why they are "good," both by themselves and by the company they work for.

We can perform from image workshops, automation courses, creation of corporate dress code, with their corresponding follow up and other activities that have to do with image care.

Improving our corporate image is to improve the perception that the population has about us as a company.

"When I look good, I feel better and safer, and when I look good, I feel like I want to go to my surroundings and the people in charge."


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