HOPE applies technology, innovation and trend information to dress women of all ages who value their bodies with sensuality and sophistication. Quality, innovation, investment in state-of-the-art technology and materials and direct relationship with its customers make HOPE one of the most prestigious bodywear brands in Brazil.

Hope was born in 1966 in São Paulo and was founded by its current president Nissim Hara. At the beginning, the brand "Panties HOPE", made panties and also its own raw material (fabrics, lace, etc.). In the 70's, bras were incorporated as a complement to the line. As the new millennium enters, and thanks to the success of its products and the application of new materials and technologies, HOPE becomes one of the leading Brazilian lingerie companies.

In 1997, in a survey published by Veja magazine, the brand appears as Top of Mind and is cited as a reference of panties in Brazil. In 1999 the company inaugurated its new industrial plant in Maranguape, state of Ceará, a model plant of efficiency and quality, and one of the largest lingerie in Brazil. From there her focus is on making lingerie and not on the production of supplies. From 2001, HOPE invests in new technologies of production, research of consumer habits, fashion trends, etc. Thanks to the comfort, well-being, practicality and quality of its products, the Brazilian women brand HOPE, as the 3rd best known brand in the country.

HOPE currently has 3,500 points of sale in Brazil and exports its products to more than 18 countries. Today, the HOPE universe transcends the world of lingerie, since its offer includes the complete concept of bodywear that goes from pajamas to the beach line and the accessories that complete the climate of magic and seduction of its products.


Famous architect Artur Casas has more than 120 franchises in operation in Brazil and is present in the main shopping centers in Brazil. The first exclusive store opened in 2005 when the franchise process began.


Located in Oscar Freire Street in Sao Paulo, a redoubt of luxury brands in Brazil, with more than 200m2, HOPE's flagship is a project of the interior architect Lena Pessoa (Louis Vuitton, Pucci, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo) In collaboration with the Italian architectural studio Vudafieri Saverino. Opened in 2012, its welcoming space and the organization of its products make the purchase a sensorial experience.


Corner with exclusive HOPE design and with the same style of display of products of the franchises of the mark. HOPE a Medida customers receive exclusive marketing and support for their point of sale.


Since 2010, HOPE e-commerce offers a complete shopping experience with the full range of products as well as tips and information on the latest trends in underwear. HOPE's e-commerce increased between 2011 and 2013 400% and constantly seeks to improve technological resources and usability for our customers. Today it has a team totally dedicated to the administration, creation and to give attention to the consumer.


HOPE is present in the main social networks with an exclusive team that is in charge of updating the collections, including suggestions of use. HOPE's participation in social networks brings customers and brand supporters to our constant updates on fashion trends and the most interesting in the world of women's fashion and lingerie.


In 2013 it is the most awarded and recognized lingerie brand in Brazil:

- Seal of excellence of ABF (Brazilian Association of Franchises)

- AlShop Award in the intimate fashion categor

- TOP 25 de Franchising Brazilian

- Third place in the ranking of the 900 best investment networks in clothing, published by the magazine "Small Enterprises Large

- Third place in the ranking of the 900 best investment networks in clothing, published by the magazine "Small Business Big Business